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Can I Drop-In, or Do I Need to Make a Reservation?

Drop-in are always welcomed, but to secure your spot booking
your class ahead of time is the way to go. Download the MindBody app
to easily buy, book and adjust your classes.

I just bought a package/membership & I'm new to the studio. Where should I start?

Depending on what you want to focus on, a good place to start is by signing up for Yoga 101 or Mat Pilates. Those are foundational classes that help to build confidence, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Do my class passes expire?

In short, yes, but we understand that life can be unpredictable, which is why our package expirations are very client friendly. The expiration periods for our class packages are as follows:
– 1 class: 1 month
– 5 classes: 2 months
– 10 classes: 4 months

What if I can't make it to class?

No Problem. Just cancel your session on the MindBody app
with in 30min. of class start time to keep your class. 

What equipment will I need?

Bringing your own mat is always advised. however, we do have
a limited of mats available at the studio for FREE! Blocks, straps, 
and any other equipment used in class is provided. 

I'm nervous to attend my first class, any advise?

Know that everyone starts somewhere. Even the idea that yoga & fitness is for “strong” or “flexible” people is a total misconception. The instructors we work with are knowledgeable and help with variations and modifications, our community is warm & welcoming, and our studio is inclusive for everyone. 


What if I have a previous injury?

Talk to your instructor and let them know what you are experiencing. f you are under a doctor’s care, please be sure to get cleared by your doctor before taking a class.

In general, what should I know before attending my first class?

Be on time, bring a mat and water (although we have those things available at the studio), wear comfortable workout clothing, stay hydrated and try not eat 1-2 hrs. before class. Most of all, ENJOY!